We advise you to read over the Rules & Regulations before you book your stay with us. If you have any questions, give us a call!



Before arriving we suggest everyone read our rules and regulations. By making a reservation each guest accepts the responsibility to follow each one of our rules and regulations. If a guest doesn’t follow the rules and regulations they may be asked to leave. Below is a copy of the rules and regulations.




  • All Trash must be bagged and thrown away at one of our trash locations.
  • No trash should be left behind upon your departure.
  • No glass or pallets should be placed in fire pits.
  • There will be a fee charged if you leave trash at your site, have glass in the fire pit, or have burned pallets on the site.
  • Cabins must dispose of all trash and have it put into bags. Do not leave trash inside the cabin.

We would greatly appreciate all our guests to help us keep the park clean!

Rules and Regulations

General Site Rules:

  1. RV Site vehicle Occupancy and Rules:
  2. No more than two vehicles per site are allowed.
  3. Vehicles must not block roadways or vacant sites.
  4. There must be NO PARKING ON GRASS.
  5. Vehicles must fit completely into site space.
  6. Extra vehicles must be parked in the parking lot at the Boat launch and then guests may be picked up and brought to the site.
  7. Portable grills are allowed on concrete patio only.
  8. Washing of any vehicle is prohibited.
  9. Vehicle maintenance in the RV Park is prohibited.
  10. RV’s left on site after checkout time and date will be towed at owner’s expense.
  11. Quiet hours are 10 pm to 7 am.
  12. No radios or speakers on golf carts or side by sides should be loud enough to be heard by anyone other than the riders.
  13. No loud music or excessive noise is allowed at any time – please be considerate of your neighbors.
  14. Site must be kept clean. *Refer to section Trash, Site Cleanliness & Appearance
  15. Open fires are permitted until 11PM.
  16. In general, use common sense with all campfires. If it is 80 degrees outside there is little reason to have a campfire. Also, on sites close to one another please make sure you are aware of the smoke from the fire getting close to your neighbor and becoming an annoyance and set the fire a safe distance away from neighbors because please remember not everyone wants to smell like a campfire and some may have allergies to smoke.
  17. Fires must be attended at all times; Fires are for firewood ONLY – no food scraps, pine straw, cigarette butts, plastic, aluminum cans, glass, etc.;  extinguish fires completely with water when leaving them.
  18. No excessive water usage.
  19. No tents are allowed at this time.


  1. No Parties at any site or cabin. You must rent the Lodge or Pavilion to have any type of party.
  2. Anything Broken will be charged to the guest
  3. Anything missing will be charged to the guest
  4. If the cabin is left in terrible shape with trash and everything a mess we will charge an excessive cleaning fee of $75-$150.
  5. NO SMOKING or you will be charged $500 for the cleaning and removal of smoke from cabin.
  6. Cabin guests are not to exceed 3 cars at any cabin.
  7. Cabins are not to exceed the maximum occupancy.
  8. Respect the privacy of fellow guest – please do not walk through occupied sites or expand any personal items of yours including vehicles into unoccupied campsites because at any time they may become occupied by someone coming into the park late.
  9. Breaking of any rule may result in forfeiture of your stay and being removed from the property.
  10. You must provide your linens and towels for the cabins.



  1. All Pets must be on a leash at all times when outside the RV or Cabin.
  2. Speed limit is 5 MPH in the Park
  3. Please observe one way directional arrows.
  4. No Fireworks may be discharged in the park.
  5. No ATVs may be driven in the park.
  6. Golf Carts and approved Side by Sides may be driven in the park by any person, licensed, insured and over the AGE of 21.
  7. Do not drive off the road
  8. Do not drive around speed bumps.
  9. Do not go around barriers
  10. Do no drive on or around the dam
  11. Do not drive on the edge of the pond or lake
  12. Follow instructions of all signage
  13. Not allowed on either beach or any hiking trails
  14. Anyone breaking the rules will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the property.
  15. Guests are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to the bathhouse facilities.

Check In & Out:

RV sites

  • 4PM Check in
  • 3PM Check Out


  • 4PM Check In
  • 11AM Check Out

If Available a guest may request an early Check in for a fee of $10 every hour early. May also request a late check out, if available, for a fee of $10 per hour extra.

Trash, Site Cleanliness, and Appearance:

  1. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY! If by chance you bring them, you must bring them home with you. Do not put in our trash cans or bin.
  2. No littering. Fees may be charged.
  3. No grey or black water is permitted to run onto the ground.
  4. Garbage should be placed in sealed plastic bags and taken to the garbage dumpster by the dump-station.
  5. Please keep your space clean of all trash and cigarette butts. The cleanliness of each site is the individual’s responsibility.
  6. This is not a residential park, therefore no permanent structures or fixtures may be built without permission from management and no permanent clothes lines or racks, or storage items are permitted.
  7. Sewer ring/collars are required to keep odors and bugs down.
  8. Only Rigs in good operational condition will be allowed in the park. No rig older than 20 years old will be allowed in the park unless first approved by management. Exclusions to this would be for vintage rigs and rigs older than 20 years that have been kept in good condition.

Pet Policy:

General Grounds Rules:

  1. There is a 2 pet maximum at each site (exceptions to this on a temporary basis may be granted by management).
  2. Pet pens, kennels, cages, dog houses etc. are not allowed unless temporary and approved by management first, but at no time may animals be left outside unattended.
  3. All animal waste must be picked up and disposed of appropriately by owners.
  4. All pets must be inside RV if residents are not in the park or not supervising them.
  5. Pets ARE NOT ALLOWED IN RESTROOMS OR LAUNDRY (no pet washing in bathrooms).
  6. No Dogs are allowed at Events.

Cabin Animal Rules:

  1. All the above rules apply
  2. $50 non-refundable pet fee for each pet. Maximum amount of pets is 2.
  3. Any damages made by the pet will be charged to the guest.
  4. Be thoughtful of other campers and do not walk your pet around their cabin or site


Beach Rules:

  2. NO PETS allowed!
  3. Pick up all the trash. If you pack it in, then you pack it out.
  4. Please rinse the sand off your feet, by the rinse station provided at each beach shower house, before entering the shower house.
  5. SWIM at your own risk; No Lifeguards on duty
  6. Do not swim past the buoys
  7. No throwing sand
  8. No fishing from the beach
  9. No Golf Carts or Side by sides are allowed.
  10. Please be kind to all the guests and respect each other.
  11. Volley Balls are kept at the front office
  12. Help keep our park clean. Pick up any trash left at the beach.
  13. If any rules are broken you may be removed from the property.

Camping Terms:

  • All reservations for a 6 night stay or less require a 1 night rental fee to reserve a site/cabin.
  • There will be a $10 fee for moving or changing dates of any reservation.
  • Stays of 7 days or longer require a deposit of 3 night rental fee. (If you have any unusual circumstances, talk with our campground Manager, Jordan Nettles, BEFORE making your reservation)
  • Refund Policy:
  • No Shows will be charged full rental charges for time reserved.
  • Camping is an outdoor experience. Therefore, we do not give refunds or rainchecks due to discomforts of Nature. There will also be no refunds or compensation for: Acts of God, Mother Nature, Acts of War or Government Agencies, Road Maintenance, Gas Shortages, Power Outages, Tv Service Outages or Water Outages.
  • A voucher/rain check may be received if:
  • There is a cancellation with at least 7 days advance notice. There will be a $10 cancellation fee for each campsite or lodging unit reserved. A voucher will be issued for the remaining balance; good for 6 months from the date of cancellation. Must stay within the 6 months, not book the reservation within the 6 months.
  • A death or dire illness has occurred in the customer’s immediate family. There will be a $10 cancellation fee for each campsite or lodging unit reserved. A voucher will be issued for the remaining balance; good for 6 months from the date of cancellation. Must stay within the 6 months, not book the reservation within the 6 months. A letter explaining the event and relation to the customer is required to be submitted to the park manager before voucher is granted.
  • There is a cancellation within 6 days of the arrival. The customer will forfeit 50% of their reservation total and a voucher will be issued for the remaining balance, good for 6 months from the date of the cancellation.
  • Same day cancellation will result in forfeiting your entire reservation.
  • If you wish to cancel you must call our office.  Do not email us to cancel your reservation.

Lake and Pond Rules and Restrictions

  • No boats, kayaks, or canoes are allowed in the pond at any time.
  • No Trot lines, noodles, jugs, yo-yos or any other type of fishing technique, other than traditional rod and reel fishing, is allowed. Only traditional rod, or rod and reel fishing is allowed on the lake at any time.
  • No Airboats, Deep V, ski boat, or any other kind of big recreational boat is allowed on the lake.
  • No Skiing, tubing, or jet skiing is allowed at any time.
  • Swimming must be done at either designated beach/swimming area. **See Beach Rules.
  • Bow fishing is allowed, but only by a permit from the Manager, Jordan Nettles. May schedule an appointment at the front office.

Fishing Creel Limits:

  • Everything, except bass, follows the Statewide creel limits, which can be found at the following link:http://www.mdwfp.com/media/7120/40_miss_admin_code_pt_3_rule_1_4_statewide_creel_limits_final_for_website.pdf

Bass Limits

  • Each angler may keep 7 Bass per person. Only 1 may be over 18”. STRICKLY ENFORCED. If found in possession of more than one Bass over 18” you will be banned from the park indefinitely.
  • Catch and Release Rule. If you do not plan to clean and eat the fish, please do not keep the fish.
  • We are trying to make this a nice place for everyone to be able to catch a fish. We have stocked the lake, but as with anything it takes time to see the growth of the lake. If people follow our rules and abide by these standards, then we are both attempting to make this park better. Each time a boater launches a boat, the money collected goes toward improvements to the lake. Please respect the lake and our park.
  • Do not throw unwanted or broken baits, tackle or gear into the lake.
  • Be respectful of the lake and help us keep it clean.